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Italy has many loves, but one of the biggest is their love of football. It brings out the passion in everyone but Italians scream and shout with joy and despair at the beautiful game like no others.

They have reason to though, with some of the best teams in the world playing in the Serie A the standards of each game are incredibly high and exciting to watch. Many of these teams are fears around the world and when they go to competitions such as the Champions League many people expect them to take the title.

With so many fantastic teams in Serie A it is not suprising how close the top of the table really is with the top four teams only having eight points separating them. In the number three spot is Napoli who has had a great run at home so far this season however their form away has not been quite good enough to keep them up with the number one spot of Juventus. But with a game against bottom of the table Siena it looks like some easy points are coming their way. It would be a massive upset if they were to lose this game but nothing is outside the realms of possibility in football as a team can always come together and pull out a star performance and take the win.

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