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The first international ambassador of Liverpool predicts the 2016 Euro’s

Former Liverpool player Michael Owen was recently named as the first official international ambassador of his former club.

One of his roles in this new job will see Michael Owen travelling around the world engaging with fans and also having to represent Liverpool during commercial events and things of this nature.

Michael Owen’s playing career has seen him performing with a number of top clubs including: Real Madrid and Manchester United; however he is more known for being a Liverpool player as it’s the club where he spent 8 seasons and where the Englishman managed to make over 250 appearances.

After being named as the first ambassador of Liverpool, Owen displayed his joy as he said “As a Liverpool fan I am honored and delighted to have been asked to play this international role for the club.Liverpool FC is the world’s greatest football family and it’s great for me to be able to represent the club in an official capacity once again.”

Following his retirement from football on April of 2013, Michael Owen went on to become a pundit as he voices his thoughts concerning anything in the world of football and he is seen on a regular basis on BT Sport as a football commentator.

One of the tasks that Michael Owen does on a regular basis is give his predictions concerning matches and the Englishman revealed his idea as to what will happen during the approaching 2016 Euro’s and who he thinks are going to have the better chance on winning the international competition.

“The world champions at the moment, which is Germany, they’re really strong. And obviously France, who’s hosting the tournament, they definitely got a good team. It’s going to be one of those two. I dearly love England… It’s probably not our strongest team going into a major tournament that we have had, but it’s a team that should be competitive and should give anyone a good game,” Owen said as he stated that either Germany or France are going to emerge as the champions for the 2016 edition of the Euro’s.