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Napoli stronger without Higuain

Pepe Reina has stated that Napoli is a better side without Gonzalo Higuain in the team.

He said that the sale of Higuain has allowed the club to strengthen various positions and this has made them become a much better side. He stated that they have a good manager in Maurizio Sarri and that the latter is constantly looking for ways to improve the team.

Reina said that their main rival for the title is Juventus and admitted that it would not be easy to win the title against them. He believes that Juventus has a much better squad, but this does not mean that Napoli will not fight for the title. He said that the manager wants to put the pressure on Juventus and protect his players.

Pepe Reina admitted that the loss of Milik through injury is a bad thing for the club. He said that the club is already short on players and now missing a quality player such as Milik will be a big hurdle for the team.

However, he believes that the other players will rise to the occasion and make sure that the team does not get affected by the absence of Milik. He believes that the younger players could also seize this opportunity to get some time in the first team. He said that the players are motivated and that they want to have a good season. They are working hard under the guidance of their manager and want to continue progressing.

He said that he was disappointed with the sale of Higuain, but there was nothing the club could do. He stated that this is part of modern football and the bigger clubs can just trigger the release clause of good players. He believes that the money has been invested wisely and that Napoli has become a stronger club with the sale of Higuain.