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Napoli should aim higher

Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis stated that the team should always aim higher.

He said that the club had progressed well since he took over but he believes that there is still room for improvement. He stated that the team should always seek to aim higher.

Aurelio De Laurentiis recused the club from bankruptcy in 2004 and had rebuilt it into a competitive team. Indeed the team is now participating in the Champions League, and the President believes that this has been a great achievement in itself.

He said that an act of service motivated his decision to rescue the club. He said that the whole city was suffering from the fact that the club was bankrupt, and he had to do something for it. It is at this moment that he decided that he had to save Napoli. He said that it was a difficult thing for him as he had lost contact with the world of football and he had to learn everything gradually.

He stated that it was a great accomplishment to have brought the team from the Serie C to the Champions League, but he believes that things do not stop here. He said that we should always aim higher if you do not want to stagnate and regress. He stated that it is his philosophy, and this is what he has inculcated in Napoli. He stated that he has many plans for the club, and he wants to bring the club to the highest level in football.

Aurelio De Laurentiis said that his primary focus is to rebuild the stadium and make sure that it has all the necessary facilities for fans to watch games in the best possible condition. However, he regrets that he is not getting enough backing from the local authorities.