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Maurizio Sarri earns Seria A Coach of the Year award

Napoli’s Maurizio Sarri was named as the best coach of the top tier Italian football league, Serie A for the season of 2016-17 even though his team could only snatch the 3rd spot.

Surprisingly, he received more votes than MassimilianoAllegri who was able to guide Juventus to their 6th successive Serie A title. Maurizio Sarri received 25 votes of 61 votes which was only 3 more votes than his fellow contender Allegri who could not win it for a 2nd successive year.

Upon receiving the individual award, Maurizio Sarri expressed his thoughts and emotions as the 58 year old Italian tactician said: "Usually getting an award doesn't give me particular satisfaction, I often consider it as time taken away from my work but this gives me enthusiasm and happiness, and I think that's because it was a decision made by my colleagues."

Previously to this latest 2016-17 edition of the Serie A Coach of the Year award, it had been won by tacticians who had been in charge of Juventus for successive seasons.

Antonio Conte won it during the season of 2011-12 and he consecutively won it until the season of 2013-14. When Allegri was elected as the coach of Juventus, he continued the domination by lifting it himself.

Maurizio Sarri was the 1st coach to end this recent dominance that the head chiefs of Juventus have been displaying. He is also the 1st coach ever in the history of Napoli to win this award and it’s because of these reasons that the 58 year old tactician is being praised so highly as well as being rumored on signing a new contract extension with Napoli as fans and players of the club want to see remaining at the Sao Paolo Stadium on a longer term deal.