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Arsenal might happen behind closed doors

Italian football club Napoli might face English Premier League side Arsenal in a closed doors match as the Serie A team confront punishment for their fans making trouble during a match with Marseille, reported a leading UK based English daily.

According to reports, UEFA would confirm the sanction for Napoli at this week’s end. It is also believed that Napoli governing body would get a heavy reprimand, involving the final Group F game, to be played on 11th December. The Gunners does not want their rooters banned from San Paolo stadium, but reports suggest that the ground will be entirely closed.

There were disruptions outside San Paolo stadium before Napoli’s 3 - 2 victory against Marseille and the riot police had to interfere in order to restore the law and order situation. Reports suggest that ten people were injured in the incident while flares were left off inside the stadium.

Meanwhile, Napoli is targeting Paris Saint-Germain midfield player Blaise Matuidi. As report appeared in Spanish media, Barcelona is also looking for Matuidi. The La Liga giants are tracking the twenty six year old as his deal with the French club is set to end next summer. He is seen as a proper alternative for Xavi Alonso. The Spanish side is very keen to sign him in June next year.