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His past successes have been the reason he is almost never out of job no matter how sourly his previous job ended. His stint at Bayern left much to desire while at Chelsea he didn’t still last up to three years.
His best record remains with AC Milan, the squad that lost to Liverpool in the Champions League final and got their revenge two years later.

With Ancelotti’s moderate records at Stamford bridge, most clubs are open to giving him another chance.
Arsenal is one club the Italian had hid from for a while now but even with Ljungberg making Emery look like a genius that was never appreciated, concerns with his age and steadfastness to the old ways of thinking remains a big issue.

Ancelotti is pretty much done at this age but years of being in and around football seems to be making it extremely difficult for the multi Champions League medalist to quit. Since the likes of Guardiola, Mourinho and Klopp came into the fold, all the old folks who had the aura of magicians have pretty much left the field.

Carlo is known most especially for his Champions League prowess especially the Milan class of 05 but one thing that must be set straight is the fact he also possessed arguably the most talented bunch of players at the time.
The only way to truly test if he still has the coaching abilities demanded by modern football is to stoop down a little like Rafa Benitez and try to coach a team bottom-up instead of the other way round.
Mourinho will follow suit. He just doesn’t know it yet. Tottenham is likely to be his last major club contract.